Top 5 Completed Webtoons To Read

I know I just recently made a blog ranting about this same platform, but here I am, recommending it to you. I must have no shame.

So I know the pain of having to wait an entire week to read the next three-minute chapter of your favorite Webtoon. I know that Webtoon authors are extrememly skilled at crafting the most painful cliffhangers. So what if you could enjoy the same story, but without all the week-long breaks in between? Welcome to the almost unknown world…of completed Webtoons!


5. Salty Studio

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I read this kawaii Webtoon last year, but I’ve never forgotten it. Togeun is the wealthy heir to his father’s company. But he decided that he had no passion for that line of work and decides to leave his parent’s house to pursue his long-time dream, drawing. Only one problem: he doesn’t actually know how to draw. To drown out his sorrows, he gets drunk at a party, and when he wakes up, there’s a strange girl in his house. It turns out, in his drunken fit the night before, he’d asked her to live with him.

The turns out to be Songai, a famous illustrator, and Togeun begs her to teach him how to draw. As the story goes on though, Togeun finds out that there is more to Songai than he’d originally thought.


4. Flow

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You thought our world was unfair? Wait till you get a load of the world of Flow. Every child is born with a god. If you’re lucky and your god is one of the Zodiac, you will live a life of luxury. If you’re not, you’re basically a second class student who’s not even allowed to go to school. Main character Irang is one of those unlucky ones. His god… is a cat.

In your lifetime, you get to make a wish, but only once. Irang had always told his god that he didn’t need a wish. He wasn’t going to use his wish. However, something awful happened, and he did use a wish. He just wasn’t ready for the backlash…

It’s a great tale of fighting your fate… and finding your destiny.


3. Witch Hunt

Image result for witch hunt webtoon

Tbh, I haven’t actually finished this one yet (AKA I’m on the fourth chapter), but so far, it is freaking awesome! This eighty-eight-chapter comic follows the thieving Gamin Shin who finds out that one of the members of his new class, Izzy Jang, is actually a witch. Now he wants her witch’s necklace, but is he willing to pay the price that desire will cost? So far, this fantasy adventure is humorous and riveting, and I can’t wait to binge-read it the second I get the chance (AKA, this weekend).


2. The Stories of Those Around Me

Image result for webtoon the stories of those around me

The second romance story on this list, The Stories of Those Around Me takes a more realistic view on how relationships work. it follows three twenty-five year old friends. Summer is happily in love with her boyfriend, but a new job and a new coworker might make her heart waver. Mira is a beautiful and successful woman but doesn’t have a boyfriend, and when she does find someone she’s into, she has no idea how to deal with these feelings. Jung-A has lived with her boyfriend for 5 years, but it seems as if their relationship is lacking something.

This funny, heart-wrenching tale explores the reality of love, and if it can truly last forever.


1. Bastard

Image result for webtoon bastard

And finally, the very first Webtoon I ever read, the thriller-romance tale BASTARD!

If you haven’t read this, I can say for sure that you are missing out. Jin Seon is the main protagonist and the son of a wealthy CEO Dongsoo Seon. He has a secret though: his father is a serial killer, and he makes his son act as his accomplice! Jin hates his life, hates what his father makes him do. But he has an artificial heart and a glass eye from when his father pushed him from the top of a tall building. He’s too weak to dare to defy his father.

Until he meets Kyun, that is.

But he’s not the only one interested in the cute new girl. His father is too. But it’s not just lust… it’s bloodlust.

The weak, scrawny Jin Seon must learn to fight, to protect the girl he loves, and himself.

Yayy! So y’all should totally check out these Webtoons ASAP!

I won’t be able to update for the rest of the week because it’s exam week at school, so see you guys on Saturday! (or Sunday, if I’m lazy) :p

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