Most Intense Webtoon Love Triangles

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but I HATE love triangles!
Except these ones of course ^^

As many of you have probably already deduced from previous posts, I’m not a very big fan of romantic cliches (see my rant on reverse harems).

You might think that I’d at least prefer love triangles, which center around only three people as opposed to 12-person harems, but I just think that love triangles are even worse!

Since there are only two fighting for the hand of the main character, there should be enough time to fully develop both characters, equally. However, from the very beginning, you always know exactly who the heroine is going to pick. Every. Single. Time.

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In my opinion, there should at least be some amount of mystery and intrigue in such storylines. I believe we should all be left wondering up until the very last moment which boy the heroine is going to pick. And we shouldn’t feel like one character is in the limelight more or is more interesting than the other. It should be an equilateral triangle (or maybe isosceles, since we don’t really care about the heroine here, lol), not a scalene!

anime love triangle.jpg

If you don’t get it yet, I wasn’t very pleased with Fruits Basket. I mean, yes, Kyo x Tohru was my ship, but poor Yuki was just like….. urghh!

Despite my displeasure with the execution of love triangles, I actually quite like the idea of them. I mean, it’s kind of sad, since one person always ends up heartbroken, but such is life I guess ┐( ̄ヘ ̄)┌

Anyway, if I find a good love triangle story, I’m all for it. And recently… I’ve actually found some pretty good ones….


I Love Yoo

Image result for quimchee arts

I think that until Let’s Play came out, this was the most popular romance Webtoon (and I frankly don’t get how. I mean, Let’s Play is so slow). If you read Webtoons at all, chances are you’ve seen this advertised many a time, or have probably even read a few chapters.

For those of you that (somehow) (lol, kidding :p) don’t know about this Webtoon, it follows the story of high schooler Shin-Ae Yoo. Life’s given her the rough end of the stick since she was born, and she’s just about had it. Despite being kind, she doesn’t open her heart up to people, whether it be for friendship or love.

Then these two brothers waltz into her life and everything changes: for better, for worse.

Do you know the one thing I absolutely love about the Webtoon (you know, apart from the art style, the cute story, the feels and the hilarious scenes)? It’s the fact that I have absolutely no freaking idea who Shin-Ae is going to choose.

Kousuke (black hair) is older, the rich hair to a big company. He’s a kuudere, strict with others and himself, and respectful. He doesn’t understand for the life of him his mother, brother, or Shin-Ae for that matter. Yeong-Gi (orange hair), is his younger half-brother who is easy going and likes to have fun, but has his own demons.

Both of them have their wonderfully awesome sides. Both of them show up as antagonists from time to time. Even in the picture above, you can’t tell who really has Shin-Ae’s heart. She looking at Kousuke, but the red earphone-wire is between her and Yeong-Gi. The red string of fate???

The author, Quimchee, is taking her precious time developing the characters, as well as an intriguing storyline, just absolutely pulling me in. When I first read this, I thought it’d be just for fun. Nothing serious. Just a cute, little, overly-cliche Webtoon. And while it does have elements that are eerily similar to elements in KDrama, this is a unique and creative story that I’m sure to continue reading.


Siren’s Lament

Related image

Yo okay, honestly speaking though, this might be my favorite Webtoon that I’m currently reading. I mean, looking at it, it looks like a trashy romance with beautiful art but a lot of unnecessary fanservice. But holy freaking heck, it’s so much more than that!

Lyra has been in love with her friend Shun (orange hair) for as long as she could remember. But she never made a move and soon, a beautiful girl came in and swept him away. Lyra can’t complain. Beautiful people belong together, right?

But one day, when her pain is unbearable, she goes on a walk by the ocean… and she falls in. With her heart glowing blue, a siren named Ian (white hair) found her and made a deal with her: to end her pain. But something goes wrong and the Siren’s Curse, which was supposed to leave Ian and go to Lyra, is split between the both of them and all of a sudden, they’re both half siren! It’s like a H2O kinda thing (ya know, that trash show on Teen Nick?)

Ian tells Lyra that if she finds another human with a broken heart, they can both be human again, but Lyra doesn’t have it in her heart to trick another person. But she can’t remain a siren forever!

I absolutely love this Webtoon (as if I didn’t already say so) It’s not your cliche love story in any way. Like with I Love Yoo, you can’t tell who the so called “male lead” actually is, as the story focuses on both Shon and Ian and their interactions with Lyra. There are real risks in the story, and Lyra finds herself becoming more siren by the day. There’s a deeper mystery than anyone ever anticipated bubbling beneath the surface, but the characters provide comic relief at the most appropriate times.

I’ve been following this story for almost a year now (currently in season 2) and I’m ready to follow it for even longer!


My Dear Cold-Blooded King

Related image*Related image

(For some reason, it’s hard to find one picture with all three of them)

Ugh, where to even start with this…

Well, from the beginning of course

Mei is a young woman who lives a peaceful life in the Blood King’s kingdom. She help out her family by selling their products in the market, and she helps out the townspeople b standing up to bullies. That’s right: she only looks like a weak little pretty girl.

One day, she unwittingly saves the young prince (he’s like 12 years old or something) from… bad people, but when the guards arrive, they think she was the one trying to hurt him and they apprehend her. Fortunately, when the young prince awoke, her named was cleared and the Blood King himself offered her an apology and a reward: his hand in marriage.

So yea, Mei and her family live in the freaking palace now.  She is known as the beautiful apprentice to the head medicine maker(?) as well as the Blood King’s bride. The only problem: she doesn’t know his identity. It’s either Ryusaki (black hair), the flirty lieutenant who agrees to train her to hone her fighting skills or Katsu (white hair), the mysterious charming yet kind-hearted… what did he say he was again? One of them is the Blood King, and the other is his double, but which is which? Either way, they’re both allowed to kiss her, apparently.

Mei finds herself falling for the suave words of one or both of them, while getting wrapped up in all the drama that goes on both in and outside the palace. Did I mention there was a war?

The art in this Webtoon is absolutely stunning and the mood, helped along by Kenny The Music Guy, is perfect in every episode. Reader’s can help but be sucked in by the romantic tension, the mystery, and the increasingly complex storyline. (MDCBK is only second to Siren’s Lament in mystery, IMO. Like seriously, with some stories, I can stop reading whenever I want, but I need to know what happens in this story!)



Image result for nagisa shiota

Holy heck, once again, it’s been weeks since I last updated! Thank goodness for fall break >_<

I want to thank you all for logging in and seeing what I have to say. So a challenge for ya: who do you think I ship with the heroine in these three stories? Am I a Kousuke fangirl, or am I rooting for Yeong-Gi? Am I trash for Shon’s abs or Ian’s back muscles? (okay, that sounded weird lol) Is the only king I need Katsu or Ryusaki? Leave your guesses in the comments below!


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