10 Character Pairs You Won’t Believe Have The Same Voice Actor

Japanese seiyuu are amazing (*^*) Whether it’s because of drastic personality differences or simply because they sound nothing alike, here are 10 anime characters that you wouldn’t expect to have the same voice actors, ranked according to how surprised I was to find this out.

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Note: This link is ranked from the ones I find least surprising (but still surprising) to the ones that absolutely blow my mind. Also, I only cover Japanese voice actors in this post. Let me know if you want me to make an English voice actors version someday 😉


10. Sebastian Michealis and Mitsuya Maeno


Sebastian is the cool-as-hell demon butler every fangirl dreams of, while Maeno looks almost as cool, he’s a ditzy, annoing, credit-taking tanuki-otaku. Like… how did this even happen? I don’t see how the producers thought the same voice would work for characters so marginally different. Fun Fact: These characters’ voice actor, Daisuke Ono, also voices Daikoku from Noragami, but at least that makes sense: both Daikoku and Sebastian have young masters (or mistress in Daikoku’s case) that they serve no matter what. Maeno is just… Maeno.


9. Touka Kirishima and Kaori Fujimiya


Tokyo Ghoul’s Touka is a badass ghoul with a dark past and anger problems. Also notable is that she has a deeper voice than the average female anime character. Isshuukan Friends’s Kaori, on the other hand, is a shy, insecure loner with your typical anime girl voice. The typical high-pitchedsqueaky anime girl voice. You see what I’m getting at here?


8. Viktor Nikiforov and Sakunosuke Oda

Oda’s like “I just can’t with this guy…”

The German (Russian? Polish? Sorry, I never actually watched the anime lol) figure-skater is known, regardless of whether you watched the anime or not, to be a living legend, both for his skill and his good looks. Oh yes, and his flair for the dramatics. Odasaku is… literally the opposite.

After listening to voice tracks from these characters over and over, I could kinda hear the similarities in their voices but still, I would never in a million years have guessed


7. Natsu and Amaimon


Okay, this one actually made me fall back in my chair. I was just scrolling through Tetsuya Kakihara’s (Natsu’s VA) Wikipedia page, looking to see if I recognized any names and I swear, Amaimon jumped at me like a cat out of a nearby trashcan. What? The hyper-active shounen wizard and a demon king that’s constantly bored? What???


6. Ochaca Uraraka and Nao Tomori


Uraraka is such a cute and quirky girl, and one of my favorite characters in Boku no Hero Academia (though I literally only watched the first season). She wears her emotions on her sleeves and a small blush always colors her cheeks. Nao, on the other hand, is constantly frowning or smug, as has a icy tone to her voice. I find it hard to believe that the same person could voice such opposing personalities so smoothly!


5. Takumi Usui and Kouta Shinohara

“P-please teach me how to talk to girls!”

Once again, its the personality difference that got me here. But you gotta admit, personalities is a huge deciding factor for what anime characters sound like. Can you imagine Nagisa Shiota with a voice as deep as Might Guy’s? I thought so.

Anyway, here, Usui is the school prince that can do literally anything and everything, and uses his charm to win over the girl of his choice (lucky Misaki~~). Kouta, on the other hand, can barely talk to the girl he likes.



4. Bishamon and Sara Shane


Okay, I just have to say… BISHAMON CAN SING???
I loved Sara’s voice in Charlotte (have you heard her sing “Trigger”? Omg *^*). It is beautiful and calming and did I mention I love it? Bishamon is a a freaking war god though. Like…. how??? How can she sing? Am I the only one confused??


3. Eren and Finnian


Yuuki Kaji is known for voicing hot-blooded shounen characters like Eren, Soramaru, Satomi Rentaro and Ayato Kirishima, just to name a few. He’s actually voiced a few cooler characters like Todoroki from BNHA and Kuro from Servamp. Pretty much, he voices characters that are strongly male. But have you met Finnian? I thought he was a girl for the first half of the anime!


2. Edward and Teresa


Okay, hold the eff up: Edward’s voice actor is FEMALE????

Fun fact: Ed’s younger brother, Alphonse is also voiced by a girl who happened to also voice Happy


1. Yato and Levi

Even Yato is completely awestruck by the existence that is Levi.

Okay, this was the discovery that led me to create this blog in the first place. Both Yato and Levi are characters I adore, and their voice actor, Hiroshi Kamiya happens to be one of my favorites. I can literally usually identify when a character is voiced by Kamiya, because his cool Levi voice is just to die for *^*

But no matter how hard I try, I just can’t believe that he also voiced Yato! It’s not just their personality differences in this one—they don’t sound anything alike! I’ve played their voice tracks one after the other over and over, but I can barely hear any similarities! Because of the colossal differences in their personalities, the manners and tones in which they speak are completely different! Hiroshi Kamiya is one heckuva talent, that’s for sure!


Thank you so much for reading this blog! Are there any of these that failed to surprise you? Any pairs I failed to include? Let me know! Also, I hid two really bad puns in this post. See if you can find them and leave a comment below!

Ahneemeh out!


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